To know them is to love them

National Geographic Cat Shots by Michelle Slung, 2010

This captivating portrait gallery of cats, immortalized by some of the National Geographic Society’s finest photographers, displays the affinity between these globe-trotting men and women and Felis catus. Many of these photographs have never been seen before been published, though they long have been the secret delight of the cat-loving Society illustrations editors and archivists.

In 60 full-color and archival images, you will meet sophisticated, café-going cats, dusty cats belonging to the wandering tribes of nomads, cowboy cats unfazed by a twirling lasso, sleek Siamese acrobats, and street-smart Tokyo tomcats. You’ll also encounter Koko, the gorilla, and her beloved kitten, All Ball; the cat that accompanied polar explorer Robert Falcon Scott’s ill-fated 1910 Antarctic expedition; and many more—all captured in their glorious variety.

Complete with amusingly informative captions and brief biographies of each contributor, Cat Shots, is catnip for any feline fancier: beautiful, beguiling, and in the best tradition of the National Geographic Society.

This collection of cat photographs from all over the world was originally taken by National Geographic p hotographers whilst on other assignments. The cats range fro m street-wise individuals to a cat that lives in the Vatican .

Full of magnificent photos that would melt even the coldest of hearts, National Geographic Cat Shots is perfect for the coffee table, nightstand, or bookshelf. The photographs found throughout–of farm felines and castle cats, city kitties and island cats from around the world, including Turkey, Ireland, Greece, New York, and Japan–give new insight into the elusive cat. In addition, each photograph is annotated with the date, location, and photographer’s name, as well as a textual snapshot of the circumstances surrounding the photo. Cat lovers and animal enthusiasts alike will find this truly beautiful homage to the enigmatic feline a delight.

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